Bar or Nightclub POS System

Keep customers happy while monitoring your profits.

Total management control of your bar and nightclub

Our Bar & Nightclub POS System delivers the speed customers expect, the features bartenders want and the security you need. The POS software makes service faster and billing more accurate. In addition, Bar & Nightclub can seamlessly integrate with other functionality for Table Service or Carry-Out if needed.



Businesses who use this POS software benefit from:


Fast Order Switching

Quickly and easily switch between existing orders and start new orders directly from the order entry. Workflow at a busy bar or club can be significantly streamlined with the number of touches cut by 60%.

Age Verification

The POS reads all valid government issued ID Cards or driver’s licenses; protect your staff when serving liquor.


Print/Display for Food Prep

Make fewer kitchen errors and improve customer satisfaction with features such as “updated item” banner alerts and displaying the quantity for modifiers.


Speedy Transaction Times

One touch “next round” ordering, quick tab pre-authorizations, finding an open tab to add or settle, and easy tab transfers deliver speed customers have come to expect.


Real-time Alerts

aximize your management impact. For example, an alert will identify a big spender so you can provide personalized service or move them to a high-margin VIP area.



Guest Checks & Receipts

Reprint receipts from any date at the POS with the original date stamp and split checks by quantity (ex: number of wings consumed), improving customer communications.

Automatic Price Scheduling

Schedule happy hour promotions or appetizer specials to make sure you collect the right amount at the right time.

Recipe Look-Ups

Give bartenders instant access to drink recipes from the bartender’s bible.


Back Office Reporting

Whether it’s running reports on new recipes or having the option to delete old orders by customers, you will be able to improve management with these reports and stay in compliance with local regulators.



Enhance your Restaurant POS System with these value-added services:


Promotions and Coupons

Complete POS control of powerful marketing to reach out and extend your bar or nightclub’s customer base.


Video Tracking

Track alcohol transactions and ensure that each drink served is paid for when order and check information is overlaid on your camera video.


Credit Card Tabs

Provide a controlled environment for standees or floaters in a bar who want to have a bar tab on a credit card.

Inventory Control

Save thousands of dollars and eliminate theft and waste by tracking inventory depletion. Get real time stock and item counts from any POS station.


Gift Cards

Increase your sales and expand market reach to web-based or in-store.

Liquor Control Devices

Interface to liquor control systems to manage pour and inventory.