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Technology to make your cafe part of your customer’s daily routine!


Coffee shop customers not only expect to receive orders in a hurry, they also expect their order to be correct – every time. Our solution is a comprehensive POS software that helps you increase revenue, decrease costs and improve efficiencies. With this system, you get robust operational functionality and the information necessary to solve real business issues while ensuring return business.


Businesses who use this POS software benefit from:


Quickly Trained Employees

Intuitive software interface means new employees can easily get up-to-speed, which is important in this high-labor turnover industry.


Customizable POS screens

Adding two espresso shots to a drink is as easy as a click! New icons, buttons, fonts and colors eliminate unnecessary screens, making navigation intuitive.


Fast & Friendly Order Taking

Our lightening-fast intuitive user interface makes it easy to take the order. Multi-column modifiers, for instance, allow team members to conversationally interact with the guest when entering drink instructions and other modifiers. Enhanced modifier screens mean improved speed of processing orders and checks.


Increase Staff Efficiency

Whether it’s easy order entry, accurate server and kitchen communications, or fast check close-out with cash, tap (NFC/Apple Pay) or an EMV/chip card payment, our system is a simple and flexible solution.


Real-time Sales Results

With extensive reporting features like real-time sales statistics, product mix reports, stock and item counters, and labor reports, you’ll spend more time with your customers and still keep up with the latest profit margin and performance measures. Find out your most profitable and popular menu items with detailed reporting, including the days and times that bring in the most revenue.


Powerful Management Information and Controls

Provides complete control over all operational and reporting functions. For example, unlimited price schedules are available for breakfast.


Real-time Alerts

Sent via email or cell phone text messages. Can keep your labor costs in check.


Fewer Ordering Errors

Our POS has a flexible and customizable interface, resulting in less errors and improved speed of processing orders and checks. For example, combine menu items and navigation buttons on a single page to quickly access even the largest menus. Easily void or discount an order if a latte didn’t turn out to be just what the customer had wanted.



Enhance your Coffee Shop POS System with these value-added services:


Gift Cards

Increase your sales and expand market reach to web-based or in-store.


Order Confirmation Display

Ensures accurate orders, increased order throughput and customer satisfaction.


Promotions and Coupons

Complete POS control of powerful marketing to reach out and extend your restaurant’s customer base.


Kitchen Display Monitors

Paperless, accurate management of customer orders on the kitchen line with complete performance metrics.


Online Ordering

Gives customers the convenience they want while managing your entire menu from one place.


Inventory Control & Stock Counters

  • Track everything you use and sell, down to the last tea bag.
  • Comprehensive or simple management of inventory resources


Customer Loyalty

Promotes special offers to customers and tracks the way they earn and redeem points for their purchases.