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From Forgotten to Finance

There is a brand new national holiday that will rake in extra income for you this year! With the first holiday of its kind, this day is sure to bring you big business. January 18 introduces the first annual ‘National Use Your Gift Card Day’.

Gift cards have remained the most popular items on wish lists, and this national call-to-action will send your customers reaching down into their drawers and to the backs of their wallets. A vast number of national brands are taking full advantage of this newfound holiday, and you should too!

This day is consumer-friendly, so be certain that your restaurant is accommodating as well. More business, equals more transactions. Do you offer the efficient adaptability for these types of promotions? With an average of $1 billion dollars of unused gift cards every year, you cannot risk having your establishment forfeiting this potential revenue.

So how do you make the most of this holiday for your business? Tell your customers! Before the big day, send email blasts and text message reminders to your customers about using their gift cards. Some establishments are even offering discounts for using gift cards. Stay on top of the #NationalUseYourGiftCardDay hashtag on social media and encourage your customers to participate. Lastly, be prepared for the influx of customers, and have a convenient and reliable system to process your transactions.

Above all, keep your customers in mind; they are not letting their money or your profit go to waste!